Prepare JPK in Excel

Program allow to prepare JPK file from data saved in .xlsx file (compatible with MS Excel, Open Office and Libre Office).

Preview JPK in Excel

Simple tool to preview and analize data from JPK file in MS Excel, Open Office or Libre Office.

Prepare Financial Statements in Excel

Program allow to prepare Financial Statement from data saved in .xlsx file - MS Excel, Open Office or Libre Office.

Preview and print Financial Statements

Simple tool used to process Financial Statements to .xlsx file (compatible with MS Excel, Open Office and Libre Office). Program allows to print Financial Statements in simple and readable form.

What is a JPK?

Changes in set of legal tax regulations from 2015 anticipate, among others implementation of new control tool – JPK. It poses a way of forwarding a tax book’s data in electronical uniform form, on demand of Tax organ.

According to new regulations, it's obligatory to create a JPK, for each of Tax organ and Tax inspection procedure that is realized: Inspectors actions, tax inspections, tax and control proceeding. Forwarding data, have strictly defined electronic form.

What is e-Statement?

It is a financial statement that is based on a logical structure. Structures are available in Biuletyn Informacji Publicznej Ministerstwa Finansów (Ministry of Finances Public Newsletter).

Do not confuse those statements with electronic forwarding documents in PDF format or document’s scan. The files format was created in order for automatic data processing. This format that is called XML is unfortunately a little unreadable for ordinary User.

Manual preparation of e-Statement is possible in theory, but in practice that will be not comfortable, time-consuming and exposed to many mistakes.

Companies have to fit up with proper software that will download data from IT systems and prepare correct XML files.

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